DataWorks Studios



Not sure what a virtual world is and what it can do for your organisation?  Or have a project in mind but not sure if it is feasable? We can provide information and consultancy services based on over 4 years experience in this field at reasonable rates.

Full-service sim development

We offer full region development services from initial consultation right through region managment. Our professionally experienced team will ensure the design and construction of your Sim environment including custom buildings, scripts, objects and teraforming.


Our team includes professionally qualified graphic and 3D world designers and a expert on design and Information architectures for 3D immersive spaces. We strive to be different and at the same time to achieve functionality through creativity.

Content Creation

From buildings to exhibits to product simulations, we can create or recreate. Bring content to life with powerful scripts and animation. Add media rich content such as video, audio, weblinks and  back end integration and connectivity with your real world online systems

Custom Avatar Registration

Our Reg API service enables you to:

  • Limit accounts to your estate
  • Create accounts with a custom name
  • Register multiple employees or students from your company or education institution from a single location or as part of your organization's website.

Network and Server Installation & Support

Need to know if your existing systems will run Second Life? With 17 years experience in IT and network and server administraion including Cisco certification, we are able to offer full installation & support services for behind the firewall virtual world server products.

Project management

With over 30yrs combined experience of managing large projects in the IT industry and with Prince 2 and Six Sigma qualified staff, we can deliver your requirement on time and on budget. We can also take over existing problem projects or breathe new life into "stale" ventures.

Branding Identity

Many Companies have found out the hard way is that residents in virtual worlds are not driven by the same needs as in the real world and that real world marketing & branding techniques do not necessarily apply there in the same way. You cannot expect people to come to you, you need to understand what motivates people to be in Second Life and what influences how they navigate within the world.

Our goal is to work with companies small and large to develop and execute a viable strategy in virtual worlds based on an understanding of what drives and interests residents.


We can assist or take on commercial and academic research projects.