DataWorks Studios


February 2011. Dataworks completes the first phase of an educational project to provide a virtual teaching facilities for english language students in Denmark. (See projects).

Effective Jan. 1, 2011. All Second Life education and non-profit private regions of any type, purchased after Dec. 31, 2010, will be invoiced at standard (i.e. non-discounted) pricing. You may want to consider our cost efficient Opensim services.

We are presenting a case study on using simulator tools in virtual worlds at IMMERS[ED] 2010; the Second National Workshop on Teaching in Immersive Worlds taking place at the University of Ulster, Derry, Northern Ireland on October 22nd 2010.

13th October 2010. The Lord Mayor of Dublin will launch " The Creative Futures Virtual Learning System", A project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Programme At The Mansion House, Dublin, Ireland.

The Team

DataWorks Studios staff work remotely in keeping with the ideals of the Virtual Workplace. This keeps our costs down as we dont have to pay for offices full of staff and therefore we can reflect this in our fees. 

We also believe that the best people to work for us are those with experience and knowledge of the world they are going to be building and the enthusiasm and love for what they do.  With this principle in mind DataWorks Studios utilises the huge pool of talent to be found in Second Life, subcontracting areas of projects to residents with proven skills as much as we can.

Some, but not all of our skills:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • C+
  • Java
  • 3D Modelling tools
  • Game Design
  • Prince2
  • Six Sigma
  • SQL server
  • Network/server administarion