DataWorks Studios

Dataworks Island on OSGrid

We have built new offices on Dataworks Island which is hosted on our own OpenSim servers on OSGrid. We will use the island for research, development and showing clients the benefits of OpenSim worlds.

OpenSim is an opensource server platform for hosting virtual worlds that is very similar to Second Life. See our OpenSim page for more details and hosting options. Here..


VUC College (Denmark)

To be launched in Early 2011, this project was commissioned by VUC, a regional college in Northern Denmark which is at the forefront of using new technology in Education.

The Second Life building will be used to teach English to Danish teenagers and to give them access to classes and resources while at college or remotely from home.

Danish Modernism influenced College building

Our build makes use of the shared media tools and web on a prim available with viewer 2

The facility includes:

  • An area with interactive calendars showing British festival days and providing links to more information.
  • Videos of cultural events
  • A History Timeline of Britain along 3 walls with notable events and videos.
  • Library with classic English books, downloadable to PC, smartphone or E Reader.
  • An interactive World map showing English speaking countries


Interactive calendars and video screens

History Timeline of Britain with notable events and videos



Creative Futures is developing a web based e-learning environment that explores new concepts such as virtual worlds, social nets and open source applications. Above everything, Creative Futures embraces a new spirit, which is at the heart of the project: playing as a way of learning.

Key elements are:

  • The development of a Training Programme for e-Tutors. The guidance of a trained tutor will make the delivery of material more efficient, more motivating, more enjoyable and more “personal”. The e-Tutor will help the learner to process the material and take ownership of it.

  • The integration of Second Life as a relevant part of the e-learning process will take place. Objects will be created for Costume Design, Lighting, Sound, and Stage Management that will simulate the dynamics of producing a stage event.

Technologies include:

Second Life, Moodle, advanced light and sound desk simulation.

The curriculum TPBLeap - Creative Futures is currently under development as a “Transfer of Innovation” project of the Life Long Learning Initiative of the EU. It includes courses in Theatre Lighting, Sound, Costume Design and Stage Management. Users in formal training settings as well as individual learners in informal settings will be able to participate in this open learning system.

TPBLeap - Creative Futures will be released in October 2010. The final structure of the e-learning package is aimed to be flexible enough to adopt new content, to consider new technologies and address a wide range of target groups.


Below are a few videos demonstrating the technology built to support the learning experience.


The Lighting desk.



The Sound Desk.




A live Sound Mixing Workshop.



Our Designers assisted with the First Second Life(R) presentation of the internationally renowned Made in Brunel design exhibition held in London UK on behalf of Brunel University. Made in Brunel represents some of the best graduating design and engineering talent and projects in the UK and attracts leading engineering, design and manufacturing companies.



 SL location(s): Isambard Island, Nuggy 85,196,37